Successful Applications So Far


Overcomers Outreach  £500.00 rental,publicity, outings

Heart of Sidley Events Group £750.00 carnival materials and workshops

Sidley Beavers  £500.00 camping equipment

Sidley Cricket Club £800.00 video equipment for training

Sidley Scouts £500.00 new group start up

Sidley Woods BMX £2,000.00 build and maintain jumps at Levetts Wood

Mixed Up £500.00 equipment, rental

Parent & Carers Craft Group £500.00 materials, rental

Sidley Friendship Club £250.00 outing

Heart Of Sidley 689.00 provide community noticeboard

Christians Against Poverty Debt Counselling £480.00 extending service , new social opportunities

Sidley Beavers Second Bexhill £500.00 General running costs

Sidley Cricket Club £679.00 Additional equipment

Sidley Tiddlers £800.00 Start up

South Coast Pits £1,000.00 Track maintenance

2nd Sidley Cubs £500.00 General running cosys

Bexhill Burners BMX Racing Clubv£ 1,267.00 track maintenance

Bexhill Street Pastor Initiative £398.00 improve service

1st Sidley Brownies £500.00 general running costs

Sidley Friendship Club £504.75 enables new activity

Sidley Traders Association £500.00 Christmas lights/tree/ improves High Street


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