Volunteers as match funding

If you have volunteers working on a project the time they spend doing this can be counted as ‘matched funding’.  For Community First the rate allowed is £11.09 per hour. and anything that people are doing towards your project that they are not being paid for may count so long as you are able to record what has been done.

Some examples:

You have a meeting to plan what you are doing – 6 people attend (no one is being paid to be there) the meeting is an hour and a half long.   That adds up to £99.78.  But you do need to keep a record of who was there such as a signing in sheet.

You are planning an event and on the day you need volunteers to set up, run stalls, act as marshalls and clear away.  Again you need to keep a record of who is doing what but you may have:

6 volunteers setting up for 1 hour prior to the event (6 hours)

10 volunteers working at the event from 10am -2pm) (40 hours)

8 volunteers clearing up for 1/2 hour after the event (4 hours)

This adds up to 50 hours of voluteer time a match of £554.50

What else do volunteers do where you can count there time?

You want to develop a website and a volunteer is designing it for you

Someone has designed a poster for you

You have done a leaflet drop to local houses

You are doing an environmental project and people are spendig time clearing groud and plating bulbs up.


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